In an age of ‘eternal physical youth’ where menopause is one of the last taboos, many women struggle through this time unsupported and in silence…

Our workshops aims to focus, connect, nourish and give voice to our individual and collective wisdom and help us navigate this time of physical and emotional change in a safe and supported way.

Harvest Moon workshops are facilitated by Soran David (osteopath, educator & mindfulness teacher)Nicky Jarrett (Reiki practitioner) and Carolyn Mumby (executive coach), all practitioners working at The Sunflower Centre.  

We create a supportive and inspiring space where we can share our thoughts and feelings, receive information from each other, the facilitators and ourselves. We find encouragement to go further in our own thinking, to keep what we need and let go of what we don’t as we move forward towards, through or beyond the menopause.

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