Here are some comments from participants in our workshops:

‘I loved the warm and friendly atmosphere that surrounded us from beginning to the very end of the afternoon. This feeling made me comfortable and at ease about talking about the problems that the menopause can bring with it.’

‘Feeling that I wasn’t on my own and that there were things I could do to help myself.’

‘The afternoon was very useful and comforting with a smooth flow to it. The leaders had a quietness and calmness about them that shined through which enabled me to speak freely and to listen to others in my group.’ 

 ‘…lovely nurturing blend of information, space and ideas sharing.’

 ‘A sense of community and empowerment.’

 ‘…you covered so much and I had a sense that you would have been able to field anything that came up from the group…’

‘…the giveaway bag at the end was so full of care and love! I am still emotional thinking about it. Thank you so much!’

‘…the menopause is a process, not an event. There are many flavours to it, but there’s also a lot of support and nothing should be ruled out in terms of coping mechanisms.’

‘…the wheel of life was really useful, as it was good to see and to learn how progress can be made by focusing on just one area that will cause improvement in other areas.’

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